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Wild Isle - adventure activities on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
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When several volcanic mountain ranges collided with the North American plate millions of years ago they created the Vancouver Island mountains. Trapped amongst the mountains were chunks of limestone from the bottom of the ocean. Over millions of years water action has worked its way into weaknesses in the limestone hollowing out an extensive series of caves.

Hidden by forest and isolation many remained unknown until loggers, explorers and cavers uncovered them. Throughout the Island are thousands of caves. Some are regularly visited and many remain to be found. Even the locations of the ones that have been explored are often kept secret.
Finding and exploring the caves is the past time of a rare breed of Islanders. To find out more about these dark-loving zealots check out the links below.


BC Speleological Federation
The BCSF is the central organization for caving in British Columbia, coordinating the efforts of many in the fields of conservation, safety, rescue, exploration, education and technical expertise.

Caving Canada VI Exploration Group
The Vancouver Island Exploration Group

Horne Lake Provincial Park
The best in Canada! That is one way to describe the cave resources of Vancouver Island, home to more than 1,000 caves.