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The key to the backcountry for snowboarders is the splitboard, a hybrid tool which switches from a pair of touring skis into a single snowboard for those long sweet backcountry turns. The backcountry terrain of Vancouver Island is well-suited to using splitboards and any rider who has packed his/her board into the Island alpine by snowshoe will never look back after trying one of these dream machines.

One of the best known boards locally are the products of Whistler based Prior Snowboards. There are other manufacturers with similar boards in their line-up but why go any further than a board made right here in BC?

The Prior boards use the tried and true Voilé binding system which has been around for over a decade. The boards come with the binding pre-mounted but the user still has a few assembly details to perfect for easy backcountry switching.

A Prior Splitboard
For more info about the Voilé binding system visit Voilé USA