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Wild Isle - adventure activities on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
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Wild Isle - Activities - Surfing

Surfing on Vancouver Island

Pacific Surf School
p - 250-725-2155
w -
The school operates out of Storm Surf Shop in Tofino, offering daily lessons in small groups.

Surf Sisters Surf School
p - 877-724-SURF
w -
This is an all female surf school out of Tofino. They offer a wide range ofclinics and daily lessons.

Inner Rhythm Surf School
p - 877-393-SURF
w -
Take a daily lesson or join a camp. Inner Rhythm offers camps for adults and teens.

Hooksum Outdoor School
p - 250-670-1120
w -
As part of Hooksum™s life saving course they teach surf guiding. The Hesquiat Harbour based school teaches senior resuscitation, bronze medalion and cross in open water. Surfing is taught in conjunction with that to give students an overall sense of on water safety.

Deep Snow and Surf
p - 604-737-7669
w -
As well as snowboarding tours Deep Snow and Surf runs surf adventures to Tofino and remote beaches. Transportation, accomodatin and guiding included in the tours for all abilities.

Getting to the beach can be the hardest part of surfing, but a few companies are helping carless surfers get to the waves.

Ocean Sports
p - 1-800-414-2202 or 475-2202
w -
A 14 passenger bus leaves the Victoria store every few weeks bound for Long Beach near Tofino. The bus leaves at 6 am and returns around 7 pm, with five hours spent in the water. Beginners are welcome and package deals are offered for bus ride and rentals. $75 for complete rental and bus, $35 just for the bus.

Tatchu Adventures
p - 888-895-2011
w -
Tahsis based Clay Hunting and his zodiac can whisk hikers to some of the nicest and emptiest beaches and breaks on Vancouver Island. Forget the crowds and competition. Tatchu offers learn to surf and remote camps in combination with surf schools.

Island Link Suttle Bus
p - 250-726-7790
w -
Just like its name implies the bus service links east Vancouver Island communities with the Pacific Rim. Pick up and drop off charters, tours and bus service are available.

Tofino Bus Company
p - 1-866-9-TOFINO
w -
Want to get from Victoria to Tofino? Tofino Bus offers regular shuttles from May to October. They leave Victoria in the morning, drive to Tofino, and drive back to Victoria in the same day. Kayaks and surf boards are welcome.