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Island Alpine - a guide to the mountains of Strathcona Park & Vancouver Island
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Island Alpine
Island Alpine
A guide to the mountains of
Strathcona Park and Vancouver Island

ISBN 0-9680766-5-3

Island Alpine

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Island Alpine
A Guide to the Mountains of Strathcona Park and Vancouver Island
- Philip Stone

Island Alpine is the first comprehensive climbing guidebook to the mountains of Vancouver Island and Strathcona Park, BC. Featuring over 275 Island peaks, clearly illustrated by more than 550 photographs showing hiking, scrambling and rock and ice climbing routes - Island Alpine is the long awaited Island hiker's and mountaineer's bible.

ISBN 0-9680766-5-3

6x9 - 488 pages - paperback
black & white photos, maps - first edition 2003
$39.95 plus 5% GST (books are HST exempt)

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"The magnificent mountains of Vancouver Island are now explained in such great detail within this guide that it is bound to encourage visits to known routes and exploration where noone has gone before.
Island Alpine is well organized and provides easy reference, striking a good balance between too little information and too much detail that might detract from personal discovery".
-Doug Scott, Himalayan mountaineer

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