Friday July 29.1910
by William Washington Bolton

Yon Mountain – Crown of fair Vancouver Isle
            Whose domes no foot hath trod
  Whose outlook is o’er ocean wide
  O’er vales and hills and raising tide
            Men strive to master thee.

Through forest – stream and rockfaced heights
            They plod their steady way
  Their aim to plant the Union Jack
  Despite the climb and weighty pack
            Upon thy noble crown.

They win! What matters now be weariness
            The Blowdowns and the falls
  The honor theirs which none can take
  Their witness left which none can shake
            Save snows and maddened storm.

A maid amongst them – light of feet
            With nerves as strong as steel
  How could MEN halt or hearts give in!
  Her gallant deed all praise doth win
            True daughter of our RACE.

Weary Traveller Stop and Heed
Take Courage from this strenuous deed
With tons of grub and spirits high
Men needs must pack who cannot fly.

No swear words use when weight drags down
Or climbing logs you act the clown.
You are a MAN! The river and the forest here
Can conquered by you are their peer.

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