Legacy Fund Projects

There are many opportunities to fund projects in Strathcona Park.  The following is a selection of key projects that your contribution could go towards:


Cable Car crossing on Della Falls Trail
Crest Mountain Trail Bridge Replacement
Arnica Lake trail and campsite upgrades
Trail Relocation from Lake Helen McKenzie to Mount Brooks col
Della Falls Trail and campsite improvements to Canada'a highest waterfall
Supporting Volunteer projects – supplies trail upgrade tools, crew and supplies
Replace boardwalk - various trails
Rebuilding campsites - Buttle Lake & Ralph River campgrounds
Backcountry Outhouses - various facilities
Park Cabin upgrades – Wheaton, Syd’s and McKenzie Lake


Support Marmot Reintroduction
Elk Habitat Improvement
Shoreline Vegetation Buttle Lake

Park Operations

Interpretive programs from the Strathcona Wilderness Institute
Park Signage – replace an interpretive sign
Displays, Interpretive Information at the Strathcona Park Wilderness Centre
Backcountry operations funding – (helicopter support, sanitation)
Campsite Reservation System at Forbidden Plateau

Bridge, Bedwell trail

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