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Island Alpine Climbing

A Guide to Climbs & Scrambles in the Vancouver Island Alps

Wild Isle Guidebooks to coastal Vancouver Island BC AdventureCorrections

Island Alpine Climbing
Check in here for corrections to the 2021 edition. Please note that updated chapters and new route postings are to be considered works in progress until they appear in print.

If you have corrections or new information please check our submission guidelines. Submit your details while they're still fresh!

Listed below are corrections to Island Alpine Climbing which should be noted in your print edition. These may be errors that effect the utility of the information in the book. Digital editions will be corrected on an ongoing basis. If you notice any additional errors please .

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Updated section on Victoria Peak (PDF)


Last updated 4 June, 2021

page 176 - King's Peak - Elkhorn Traverse says (see page 178-179)
correction: Should say '(see page 178-179 Island Alpine Select)'.

page 262 - Says 'still waiting a repeat'
correction: This route has been repeated several times now.

page 289 - Indian Summer, says 'a great way to the summit
correction: Should say: “ a great way to the west summit”

page 339 - Blackbird Raging
correction: Should be titled 'Blackbird Ragging'

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