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Island Alpine Climbing

A Guide to Climbs & Scrambles on the Vacnouver Island Alps

Wild Isle Guidebooks to coastal Vancouver Island BC AdventureSubmit New Route Info

If you have information on new climbing routes to submit for inclusion
in a future edition of Island Alpine Climbing please read the following guidelines.

• Island Alpine Climbing focuses on technical climbing routes (3rd, 4th, 5th Class and technical ice climbs) and the mountains where these are found. A list of peaks to be covered in the book can be found here> In addition to alpine mountain routes some subalpine rock and ice climbs (eg: ice climbing at Boston Lake) are also included.

• Please submit your information digitally by email. Climbing route locations are best illustrated by submitting two photographs, one photo of the mountain with the route clearly marked and a second clean copy which we can use to draw our own line and other neighbouring routes. Ideally there should be no person visible in the photo and ideally the image should show some of the surrounding features and not be too tightly cropped on the climb.

• Please include a written pitch-by-pitch route description, including approach details, any relevant technical grades and first ascentionists names and the date(s).The grading systems used in Island Alpine Climbing are: Yosemite Decimal System, NCCS alpine commitment grade, French Alpine Grade, Scottish Winter, Mixed Climbing grades and Classic Aid Grades. For information on comparative grading systems see Alpinist Magazine's excellent description and chart here>

• Photographs need to be the best resolution available so for your 'clean' version please just submit the original file size from the camera as a colour jpeg. Please do not submit RAW files or convert your image to black and white. If you are not familar with image file resolution try checking the file size (in the Finder on a Mac or Explorer on Windows). A full resolution file should be around 3MB in size. We don't always need an image of the mountain though, (we have thousands on file) so don't sweat it. The most important thing is to see where your route is.

• In addition to photos showing climbing routes, images of climbers are also very welcome especially on classic lines or first ascents. These photos will need to be high resolution for inclusion in the book. Sorry we don't pay for the use of any photos but you'll be given clear credit and all photo contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the finished book.

Submit details to;
or by snail mail to PO Box 280, Quathiaski Cove, BC V0P 1N0

• Hiking trails and backcountry hiking routes in Strathcona Park are covered in Exploring Strathcona Park.

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